[4] Hear Mass in the Shrine of Our Lady Of Manaoag (yes, the one in Manaoag, Pangasinan) and then stop by Baguio for a quick shopping trip — all in 24 hours!

Things I plan to do in Manila

My Mom introduced me to the Manaoag quickie trip in 1995 when I took the Bar Examinations.  We would take a bus from the Dagupan terminal at midnight, find ourselves in Dagupan at around 6AM, take the jeep to Manaoag (which was a good half hour away only), be there for the 7AM (or was it 7:30 AM mass) and then double back and be home in Manila by 12NN.

The last time I visited was in Thanksgiving after the results came out.  (I passed despite the fact that I wasn’t able to enter a formal review program except the pre-week reviews.)  This time I’d like to visit again and do it the Sunday after I arrive since Alan won’t be around yet (he follows us the Thursday after since he can only stay 2 instead of the 3 weeks Angel and I will be there).  Instead of going back to Manila, though, I want to visit Baguio City and shop for some knitwear, some goodies (postcards, strawberry jam, ube, vegetables, souvenirs?) and then head home to Manila that same evening — all in 24 hours!

Baguio holds a special place in my heart because I had spent many of my young summers there.  I don’t even plan to go far — just walk down Session Road, maybe visit Mines’ View Park, Burnham Park, and save the market for last so that I won’t be lugging too many things around until just before we board the bus again. 

0 thoughts on “[4] Hear Mass in the Shrine of Our Lady Of Manaoag (yes, the one in Manaoag, Pangasinan) and then stop by Baguio for a quick shopping trip — all in 24 hours!

  1. I’ve been to Baguio once and medyo disappointed pa ako sa visit namin. It was Dec. 2003 and grabe ang dami ng tao. Para kaming nasa Divisoria sa Session Rd, traffic sa sasakyan at tao. But my friends told me that after the meningococcemia scare sa Baguio, medyo kumonti ang nagpupunta and mula daw noong magkaroon ng SM Baguio, naipon na sa mall ang mga tao. So free nang maglibot na di ka masisiksik.

    I also love to read books especially self-help books. Robert Ludlum, Dan Brown, David Baldacci, John Grisham, Sidney Sheldon are just some of my favorite authors. Before I love to read Danielle Steele’s books but I find it very nakakaiyak kaya tinigilan ko na. Para hindi ako gaanong mamulubi sa kabibili ng books, I usually go to Recto to buy 2nd hand books, much cheaper talaga.

    Take care.


  2. Anna

    My family and I lived in Baguio for a few years way, way back in the day. It was a beautiful, quiet and serene city. But it is true, the last time I vacationed in the Philippines, I believe that was in the year 2001, we went up to Baguio and it was not anything near how it was when I was a kid. It was so congested with traffic both human and auto and it was just so busy. Gone are the days of just a relaxing walk down Session or a peaceful stroll at Burnham. I’m sure the sights and shopping are still great, its just the extreme busyness that will take away from a tranquil vacation. But then again, a good vacation is mostly how you make it to be. Let us know how it goes!


  3. nikki

    hi ate.. ako rin nung last time na nagpunta kami dyan ni mama din. napaka-aga namin dumating dun ayun nag coffee na lang kami sa labas ng simbahan while waiting na buksan yung church… hehehee


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