The weekend is here

My week is about to end and here I am thinking about the two days ahead.  It’s Superbowl Sunday here in the US which is a big deal to most Americans who are into Football and the tailgate parties, but if you ask me, I have better things to do.  Not that I don’t understand the game — my brother Abril had taught me a few things about it even when I was in the Philippines way back when.  It’s just too rough a sport for me, and so utterly frustrating considering teams can move inches in the course of minutes, and it takes sooooo long to finish the game.  Again, to repeat, I have nothing against the game. 

It’s just that my weekends are dominated by things that I hope to do which don’t always get done..but then the fact that I think about doing them gives me a sense of purpose and achievement.

First off — take care of photographing my attic and settling down to cleaning it so I can finally make it my own work corner.  It’s still freezing up there and I’m hoping the space heater will help keep the cold at bay.  I need to enclose the space though, because right now, the attic is one big room.  I know I can’t get all this done in one weekend, so I’ll begin by clearing the space.

Second on my list is getting more of the winter clothes in storage (I’ve already set aside those that have just been recently cleaned), so I can stash them deep in the closet where I need not fish for them until next winter.

Third is make major progress on the scrapbook for Mom.  (It’s supposed to be a surprise gift for her birthday and that’s just a month away.. barely!)  I’ve already done a layout or two, but I have to make major progress this weekend and start pasting pictures by next week.

Let me stop there.  I already have some chores set for me so I don’t want to overdo it and end up disappointed on Monday when I look at my list and realize nothing was accomplished.  My two boys usually hog my time and between setting aside quality time by going out and trying to do our weekly errands, I hardly have time to sit down and do something that’s just “me”.  I don’t mind.. that’s what family is about.. so I try to set realistic expectations.  Happy Friday!

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