High School Memories

I can’t believe it’s been THAT long ago.. maybe I don’t feel all that old because my baby is just almost 2 years old while I have classmates who have sons and daughters now in college, and one or two with grandchildren of their own.  Most people who stray into my blog will probably be “lost” when they read through the list below.  It’s like one of those “Naalala mo pa ba?” queries.. creepy and yet nostalgic..

Below are just a few things that transpired during my four years in high school:

  1. We were the last batch of elementary school graduates of St. Paul College of Pasig who had to go to another school because they started their high school progressively after we left — that’s why I went to St. Paul College of Quezon City.
  2. Dunkin Donuts and McDonald’s opened their first branches in the Philippines
  3. Gabby Concepcion was Pia Arroyo’s boyfriend (yes, the same Pia Arroyo wife of Francis Magalona)
  4. Tweetie De Leon (a batchmate) broke into show business via that orange softdrink commercial..
  5. Manilabank Arcade was still a fixture in Greenhills.
  6. The Magnolia Ice Cream House was such a treat — and it was still Magnolia way back then, not Nestle like it is now.
  7. Burger Machine was still a very profitable business (we had one across the school which we snuck to despite the nun’s admonitions about not being allowed to go there.
  8. I had a midnight curfew (and had to use our driver and car to every party, never mind that I had 4-6 other girls riding with me whom I had to bring home after the party, too.)
  9. Corinthian Gardens was THE party place to be seen in.
  10. We watched every Kundirana concert there was.
  11. We made sure we stopped by the party of the Ateneans first, ending our night with the La Sallites.  (I wonder if the girls still do the parties in that order these days..?).. and yes, I still left before midnight. LOL
  12. I attended my JS Prom with a childhood friend who last saw me whan I was 4 years old.  He was kind enough to do be my escort anyway and I never saw him since.  (I heard he’s here in New York although I don’t have the slightest idea where..)
  13. I attended my Senior Ball with a friend who couldn’t even remember my name when we accidentally bumped into each other in MegaMall some 12 years later.. (so was that selective amnesia or was the guy just losing it?  He called me by another friend’s name.. duh..)
  14. I had the biggest crush on the brother of one of my older bestfriends but we never actually became an item — (his loss, not mine..Ha!)
  15. I composed the corps song and the graduation song but never cried even during graduation.  (Now if only one of my ex’s who’s a musical arranger will agree to arrange the song for our silver jubilee reunion.. I guess not until he takes me off his persona non grata list.)
  16. Some of my dearest friends were batches ahead, one now living with a brood of three beautiful daughters in Australia and another planning to wed if not already married to her fiance which I heard about only last year when she visited the West Coast (so we didn’t get to see each other still.)
  17. I count among my bestfriends one who used to sing on the other end of the line as I played the piano.  (We used to sing Petula Clark’s YOU & I because I worked on learning the second voice provided in the music sheet).  She passed away in a drive by shooting a few years after high school.  I still hold very fond memories of our times together although we had started to drift apart in high school.  We would take walks around our quadrangle over and over again just talking.  I miss you, Lilay.
  18. One of my dearest friends, Donna, approached me during a party in Corinthian Gardens on our junior year and so frankly told me she always wanted to be friends with me but was afraid I might turn a cold shoulder.  We became inseparable after that — much to the chagrin of my Mom who thought she was too outgoing for me.  (Bad influence?  I beg to disagree?!)  Donna and I still keep in touch although she moved to Australia years ago and now has a family of her own.
  19. One of my bestfriends, Gina and I started a friendship that continues to this day — even if her special someone then was reportedly deathly jealous of me — if only looks could kill! LOL  It’s that kind of friendship which doesn’t get affected by absences or space between us.  We may talk once a year, but everytime we do, we pick up where we left off. 
  20. I wanted to go to DLSU (De La Salle University) so badly but my Dad said it was too far from the house and the LRT construction would be a big problem as far as driving me to and from the house to that school — yet he moved heaven and earth to have me end up in UP Manila which happens to be on the other end of Taft Avenue, just a few blocks away.

Talk about taking a trip down memory lane..!  What do you remember about YOUR high school days?

To Move or not to Move this Blog

My high school batch has an e-group on Yahoo and we’re currently organizing for our silver jubilee reunion in 2008.  (Yup, the Pinay New Yorker is THAT old..LOL)  So I’ve been designated and I’ve volunteered to organize the east coast girls — and today I got so excited by the prospect of putting up our own webpage.  I offered to host the domain name (lo and behold, it was available.. who else would be interested in getting spcq83hs.com anyway?), and fortunately for the batch, I have a webhosting account which is dormant because I have yet to figure out what exactly I want to do with that side of my web presence.

I currently own 3 domains.. two of them are supposed to be commercial in nature — one Filipino and one New York oriented.  The second, pinaynewyorker.com, is my personal website.   The batch domain will be the 4th and not that I think I’ll be hanging on to it long after the alumni homecoming, it was a small contribution to make really.

As I fiddled with a simple logo to put on the website once we’re good to go on the domain name (the e-group is taking a vote), I went to my webhosting account and discovered that they now included an option to do a Word Press blog connected to the account.

Very interesting indeed!  The dilemma is, do I want to move everything I’ve said and done here to THAT domain — granting that I can move it to the  pinaynewyorker.com web address.  (It’s currently defaulting to one of my 2 commercial domains.)  Well I haven’t really been blogging all that long — I started in 2004 if I’m not mistaken.. My website, however has been around much longer — and my main commercial domain has been mine since 2002.  (I’ve only received one paltry offer for the name so I’m hanging on to it for dear life..)

I was going to try and configure the settings to go to the pinaynewyorker.com domain but I figured it wasn’t worth spending the whole day on if I am not sure I want to transplant everything there.  *sigh*  So I guess for now I’m staying put here.  (Objective of the post has been achieved in a few paragraphs — decision made!)

See, this is one reason I blog — it helps me to think in more concrete terms.  And that part of blogging is the most personal part of it all — I only have to make sense to myself.  Isn’t blogging such a liberating experience?  It’s almost orgasmic! LOL  (Just kidding.. nothing beats the real thing..)

Minutes to Midnight, Sunday

I had shut down the laptop and was getting ready to turn in, but I’m a little wary of shutting my eyes because Angel threw up twice a few hours ago.  I don’t know if he just ate too much of the popcorn chicken or there was something wrong with the popcorn chicken but I’m just glad he went of to slumberland after I changed him the second time.

Alan is snoozing in the living room but he refused to budge when I told him to go transfer to the bed.  So rather than fight it, I thought I’d make productive use of my time by doing a final post here tonight.

My internet connection has been close to flawless that I’ve been inspired to work on the blog all weekend.  It was so good Mom and I got the chance to listen and watch the news video clip of 24 Oras on the INQ7 site.  (Click on the scroll bar on the left side that identifies what’s on GMA7).

Another weekend down and another week ahead.  My boy is fast asleep after throwing up twice.  I’m just worried the popcorn chicken might’ve been contaminated but he’s the only one who threw up.  He might’ve just eaten too much of it which he did.

The news says we’re in for colder days ahead.. I guess I might yet get to wear my new thick sweaters again!