Minutes to Midnight, Sunday

I had shut down the laptop and was getting ready to turn in, but I’m a little wary of shutting my eyes because Angel threw up twice a few hours ago.  I don’t know if he just ate too much of the popcorn chicken or there was something wrong with the popcorn chicken but I’m just glad he went of to slumberland after I changed him the second time.

Alan is snoozing in the living room but he refused to budge when I told him to go transfer to the bed.  So rather than fight it, I thought I’d make productive use of my time by doing a final post here tonight.

My internet connection has been close to flawless that I’ve been inspired to work on the blog all weekend.  It was so good Mom and I got the chance to listen and watch the news video clip of 24 Oras on the INQ7 site.  (Click on the scroll bar on the left side that identifies what’s on GMA7).

Another weekend down and another week ahead.  My boy is fast asleep after throwing up twice.  I’m just worried the popcorn chicken might’ve been contaminated but he’s the only one who threw up.  He might’ve just eaten too much of it which he did.

The news says we’re in for colder days ahead.. I guess I might yet get to wear my new thick sweaters again!

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