To Move or not to Move this Blog

My high school batch has an e-group on Yahoo and we’re currently organizing for our silver jubilee reunion in 2008.  (Yup, the Pinay New Yorker is THAT old..LOL)  So I’ve been designated and I’ve volunteered to organize the east coast girls — and today I got so excited by the prospect of putting up our own webpage.  I offered to host the domain name (lo and behold, it was available.. who else would be interested in getting anyway?), and fortunately for the batch, I have a webhosting account which is dormant because I have yet to figure out what exactly I want to do with that side of my web presence.

I currently own 3 domains.. two of them are supposed to be commercial in nature — one Filipino and one New York oriented.  The second,, is my personal website.   The batch domain will be the 4th and not that I think I’ll be hanging on to it long after the alumni homecoming, it was a small contribution to make really.

As I fiddled with a simple logo to put on the website once we’re good to go on the domain name (the e-group is taking a vote), I went to my webhosting account and discovered that they now included an option to do a Word Press blog connected to the account.

Very interesting indeed!  The dilemma is, do I want to move everything I’ve said and done here to THAT domain — granting that I can move it to the web address.  (It’s currently defaulting to one of my 2 commercial domains.)  Well I haven’t really been blogging all that long — I started in 2004 if I’m not mistaken.. My website, however has been around much longer — and my main commercial domain has been mine since 2002.  (I’ve only received one paltry offer for the name so I’m hanging on to it for dear life..)

I was going to try and configure the settings to go to the domain but I figured it wasn’t worth spending the whole day on if I am not sure I want to transplant everything there.  *sigh*  So I guess for now I’m staying put here.  (Objective of the post has been achieved in a few paragraphs — decision made!)

See, this is one reason I blog — it helps me to think in more concrete terms.  And that part of blogging is the most personal part of it all — I only have to make sense to myself.  Isn’t blogging such a liberating experience?  It’s almost orgasmic! LOL  (Just kidding.. nothing beats the real thing..)

0 thoughts on “To Move or not to Move this Blog

  1. haha! i’m laughing all by myself in the office. people probably think i’m nuts! but comparing blogging to an orgasm? hahaha! the real thing is better, that’s for sure!


  2. jemine

    hi ate dinna,
    looking 4ward 2 c u soon, julia r so excited 2 c angel in person. marami syang plans pag dating nyo sa phils. can’t wait. hugs & kisses 2 angel.


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