More Scrapbooking

It had to happen at the end of the day yesterday just as I was printing out Mom’s daily dose of the latest news from Manila — I stumbled onto Epson’s Creative Zone  where there are actual 12×12 scrapbook layouts and pages to download and print.  (Lucky me, I have access to color laser printers that print on 12×18 sheets.)  Even if you’re doing your digital scrapbooking on color bubblejet printers, you can still download a ton of resources like letters, embellishments, textures, etc. 

I found the Picture CDs of Angel’s first photos last night (although I forgot to pick them up from the kitchen counter even if I put them next to my cellphone so I won’t forget!) and I have browsed through the more recent months which are saved in 3 different USB keys.  They’re all here and I can start printing the initial layouts and get this scrapbook moving.

There are photos which I will have printed out by the online developers (my personal choice is WINKFLASH because they offer 99Cents flat shipping) — and I’m uploading the photographs in batches so I can have them printed out in one slew.

I am piecing together or stitching together the pages which don’t print the full 12 inches across but I’m confident they will come out seamless.

Mom will definitely be floored.. I can’t wait..hopefully after the weekend I will be able to post some initial layouts to share here.

One thought on “More Scrapbooking

  1. Mina Anchores

    Hello. Did you know that there are journals, notecards and gift tags made by Filipinos in the Barnes & Noble stores? We’ve been supplying to them for almost 2.5 years. My company’s name is Paean Pleasures.Would you be interested in knowing what we sell to B&N?


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