Valentine Plans

Thanks to Ces, I had to dig up my old posts to see our valentine history.  This year we are going to DB Bistro Moderne in Midtown Manhattan, a restaurant I’ve been bugging Alan about but which we never really made a reservation for until now.  I received my Open Table invitation from him as early as three weeks ago (which is a good timeframe to make reservations for a special date like Valentine’s).  There has been much written about this restaurant and I’m just going to write about it after we have our valentine dinner there on Monday (pre-valentine, yes), and give you the scoop.


Valentine’s Day has always been a big to-do for us because it celebrates us as a couple.  From our very first Valentine date in 2000 in Manila’s Schwarzwalder (back when it was still near Landmark), Alan tried to make it a special one each year.

The most memorable for me was our first valentine date here in New York during our first year of being Mr. and Mrs. Gonzalez when he took me to One if by land, Two if by Sea.  (Reserve at least 2 months ahead if you want a good table.  This is a very hot venue for valentine’s day.)  The following year we did a double date with our bestfriends Jackie and Jeff at Le Colonial which turned out to be a great meal, but which was not as romantic so that was the last Valentine date we had with another couple present.  After that, we had special cause to celebrate because I was pregnant with Angel, and Alan took me to Annisa, right next door to One if by land on Barrow Street.

Last year was a different kind of Valentine because we went to Paris towards the end of February and had a simple dinner at a bistro there.  (I am searching my memory box for the name of the place if not in my Pinay Francophile posts — it’s there somewhere.. tumatanda kasi.. LOL)

This year may be ultra cold with the threat of a blizzard this weekend hanging over our heads.. I just hope it’s not as bad as they predicted.  It is already terribly cold at this point and we haven’t even seen a hint of the bad weather.

Cold or not, at least I know I’m having a warm valentine’s day in the arms of my honey.

2 thoughts on “Valentine Plans

  1. hi dinna..
    guess what! we made it to cafe charbon last night! it was a day earlier than cousin is going out of town for the weekend so we had to do our ‘v’ date last night! i’ll be posting it soon..great recommendation! food was great and price was fair enough! ambience was as you said cozy yet a little bit mazy last night! lol! bit crowded since it was a friday night..thanks again! next stop…chubo?


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