Snapshots of New York one cold night in February

There was a department event at the bowling lanes at the Port Authority and althoug I am no bowler, I had to show up out of pakikisama, and being one of the newer people in the team, I felt I owed it to my boss to show everyone I’m a team player.

So I grabbed my camera thinking I would be able to take pictures there, but instead, I clicked away as I walked to Alan’s hotel.  Walking through Times Square at night when all the lights are flashing and standing out is an amateur photographer’s dream.  As always, of the dozens I snapped up, here are the few I’ve decided to keep.

Only in New York..

I did a double take on this window over at the Hard Rock Cafe Store display on Times Square, although Hard Rock was at a different venue.  Very realistic and risque in a sense.  (That’s the nun-educated me talking..LOL)