After the Storm

This storm was touted as one of the worst we’ve had through all time so I felt it was worth documenting even if only for posterity..



Read more to see the bigger pictures


A Hundred and One Things to Blog about..

I was sitting in the bus this morning and was just mulling about the hundred and one things to blog about.  Well, here are 50 for starters..

  1. The snow..
  2. Glorious make up.
  3. Angel
  4. Alan and his breakfast
  5. Alan and his Valentine Gift (My pretty pink Razr!)


  1. Our perfectly romantic dinner at DB Bistro Moderne on the 13th
  2. Why we had our valentine date on the 13th
  3. Thinking of going home again and manggang hilaw
  4. Mom’s scrapbook
  5. Scrapbook resources
  6. Naming my new plant
  7. Missing my friend Fe
  8. My Dad and his antics
  9. My younger brother Nikky and how much I wish he were here
  10. My new phone
  11. Technology and how it connects us
  12. Blink (I haven’t finished the book yet!)
  13. Shopping magazines and my wishlist
  14. The Right to Privacy and how the government eavesdropping is justified
  15. How Cory Aquino surprises me that she is asking Gloria to step down
  16. How Gloria Arroyo’s refusal to step down baffles me even more
  17. How Erap’s call for his reinstatement has me clueless
  18. Si Heart at si Echo na pala!
  19. Ka Ernie Baron
  20. Vindictiveness  (that’s the bitch in me)
  21. My Steak Diane recipe from the Joy of Cooking
  22. What I would do if I won the lotto
  23. My favorite things
  24. Yema please
  25. In search of more income opportunities
  26. How having a great new boss makes you feel like you got a $10,000 raise (mine makes me feel like I did!)
  27. Ignorance masked as Omniscience (uy profound…)
  28. Solace in Prayer
  29. Poetry in my youth
  30. Why does the inspiration to write poetry again continue to elude me?
  31. The Great Raid and how Cesar Montano & Co. made me proud
  32. World Chicken (in Glorietta)
  33. Burberry Brit Red and how lovely it makes me feel (and smell!)
  34. Temperamental Me
  35. My morning commute
  36. Getting organized
  37. Crafts in Limbo
  38. What I say to God when I pray
  39. Cha-cha (Charter Change) and my love for Constitutional Law
  40. How I passed the Philippine Bar sans a formal review (I prayed!)
  41. A Hunger for Learning
  42. Why I want to seriously study American History
  43. My Cookbook Library
  44. I wish Happiness for my dearest friends
  45. My first job: Newscasting over RJFM