A Heartwarming Valentine

This is a much-delayed post I’ve been meaning to make since Monday evening after we had our Valentine date at db bistro moderne I’ve long wanted to dine at this restaurant because of their (in)famous burger with truffle shavings that have been advertised to death on TV and in print, but I decided to go for something else, ordering their HANGER STEAK with Oxtail Ragoût, Parsnip Purée, Baby Spinach and Beef Jus.  It was just heavenly!  I was most specially taken with the Oxtail Ragoût which was a perfect accompaniment to the steak and vegetables.



What can I say?  Alan always knows what it is that would tickle me pink.. I guess that’s why he’ll always be my valentine.

We had decided to forego appetizers because they served anchovies and crackers for appetizers and there was the usual bread tray.  I learned long ago that the French do not do steak sauce because their meats are adequately seasoned and an accompanying sauce usually makes it flavorful enough.  And of course, there are the so-called “French portions” which are definitely on the other side of the spectrum compared to how Americans serve their fare.  Still, it was a very filling meal.

Alan had the burger which, according to him, was good and not too beefy or dry.  Not your typical American juicy burger, either. 

For dessert, he went for the chocolate mousse cake with the banana ice cream, and being a panna cotta type of dessert freak, I ordered the Coffee Cardamom Panna Cotta with Cocoa Streusel and Caramel Foam.  (I discovered Panna Cotta back in Manila when Piadina first opened.. I wonder if they are still around..)

Unfortunately, I had to borrow this picture from the restaurant website because we just couldn’t go snapping away with a full house.  (We were only lucky enough to have had the chance at CHUBO because it was a quiet night when we were there..)  Decorum prevented us from indulging ourselves with pictures then.

No matter how commercialized the holiday of hearts may be, Alan makes it a point to do something special because it celebrates us as a couple.  He was super extravagant this year, though, with a most surprising gift.  He got me an unlocked Motorola Pink Razr which I can now use with my current provider, and openly use in Manila when we go home this April.  I was totally taken aback because I’m not a fancy phone person and this was truly an extravagant gift.  A phone is a phone is a phone to me.. I only opted for a camera phone when I had to get a new one last year because I was going to Paris, and because I keep taking pictures of Angel.. I would’ve loved to get the Pink Razr in glorious Magenta (my favorite!  Fuschia..)  — but it’s not something I would’ve bought myself, even at the much lower price (but still too expensive for me really) offered by my provider compared to the unlocked phones or open lines.  I was speechless with delight!

Configuring the phone is proving to be a little difficult because I have to put in all the settings for my provider, but I’m up and running and in fact I just downloaded the Pretty in Pink ringtone from their website.  My only dilemma is sending the Pinoy Ako ringtone (mp3 format) I just grabbed from a website which I’d so love to have on my phone.  I have it on my computer, but I want it on my phone.. Anybody know how I can do that?  I tried accessing the ringtone by uploading it to my website but it says file type unrecognized.  And this is an mp3 file!  Oh, well.. time to fiddle with my new toy anew.