A long day scrapbooking

I can’t believe I didn’t get to my blog until the end of the day.  I’ve been busy looking for more scrapbooking resources and trying to get a move on the layouts of the scrapbook for Mom.  I think the more reasonable goal is to finish all of 2004 first and then move on to 2005 after her birthday but before we go home this April.

Mom will be soooo surprised.  Of course my biggest wish is for her to win the lotto (which is now $145 Million!).. we’ll see.. (I suddenly remembered I will have to stop by the lotto store at the corner to make sure I bet on her numbers!)

Once I have the pictures printed and chosen and those from the digital photo printers done, it should be fairly quick to put everything together into one scrapbook. 

It’s a long weekend for us with President’s Day on Monday, so I’m looking forward to getting more work done and to actually taking pictures of the initial layouts over the weekend.  It’s gotten milder after the storm and hopefully, it won’t be too cold for me to pay the attic a visit again and at least clean some of the mess up there.  Hopefully..

Feedback on Cellphone Talk

My post on the Motorola Pink Razr and my difficulty in downloading it is the most interactive post I’ve had ever with 7 comments posted.  Wow.. hand it to us Pinoys and our fascination and technological knowhow when it comes to phones.  (Okay, let’s do this chronologically.) 

Ging, unfortunately, I cannot take credit for the picture but it is as yummy as it looks.  Totally decadent but that’s what dessert is for!  Alan and I usually share a dessert to cut on the calories but on special culinary outings like this, we have one each.

Ces, I am like your hubby – I am hoping to get the valentine gift I meant to buy for Alan this weekend.  I’ve had my valentine card even before valentine’s day but the darned storm prevented me from getting my present to him so I cannot write about it. LOL  (He sneaks a peek into my blog from time to time..)  Can’t wait to hear about your take on Cafe Charbon… but do try out Chubo first before db.. db tends to be crowded and not half as cozy as Chubo.. or you can try L’Express on Park Avenue South.. sooooo many places I want to recommend, but take it a day at a time.

Tintin, mmm and Jher, unfortunately, my unit (and all units here in the US) don’t come with the software because it’s sold separately as a download.  I am seriously considering purchasing it because both Alan and I have the same phone (although his is not pink and it’s not an open line), and we have Alan’s old Motorola unit which we are sending to my siblings in Manila as pamana.  Alan wants to retrieve Angel’s pictures from the camera before we give it away because you can actually see him growing through the different shots.  I am hoping that when I do that, I can finally get Pinoy Ako uploaded as my main ringtone.  I really like the thought of hearing the chorus play when my phone rings — for me that’s something I want everyone to know, na Pinoy nga ako!

Anna — right now the Razr is one of the in-demand phones in the US but it is only offered by two carriers, the ones who are on the GSM platform because believe it or not, two of the bigger companies here are still on CDMA.  It’s not the most expensive or the most complex and techy of all, but it’s something I’d like to have if given to me as a present, but something I wouldn’t be caught dead purchasing on my own.  More so since it’s an open line.  Our providers here like where you are usually offer the phones for free if not at a huge discount to entice customers to use their service, and the only thing that really matters to me when I choose a unit is that it is at least a tri-band GSM phone because the dual band GSMs here don’t work in Manila.  (I learned that the hard way during my first visit back home in 2002.)  Quad bands are preferred so they work in all parts of the world, and the Razr is a quad band.  You are in a unique situation though because I heard only phones tailored for your system there in Korea work.  We have a lot of executives who travel a lot to our international operations and no matter how sophisticated their phones are, none of their systems work in Korea.

Thanks for all the advice on my dilemma.  I will keep you guys posted if my phone finally sings Pinoy Ako when it rings.. =)