A long day scrapbooking

I can’t believe I didn’t get to my blog until the end of the day.  I’ve been busy looking for more scrapbooking resources and trying to get a move on the layouts of the scrapbook for Mom.  I think the more reasonable goal is to finish all of 2004 first and then move on to 2005 after her birthday but before we go home this April.

Mom will be soooo surprised.  Of course my biggest wish is for her to win the lotto (which is now $145 Million!).. we’ll see.. (I suddenly remembered I will have to stop by the lotto store at the corner to make sure I bet on her numbers!)

Once I have the pictures printed and chosen and those from the digital photo printers done, it should be fairly quick to put everything together into one scrapbook. 

It’s a long weekend for us with President’s Day on Monday, so I’m looking forward to getting more work done and to actually taking pictures of the initial layouts over the weekend.  It’s gotten milder after the storm and hopefully, it won’t be too cold for me to pay the attic a visit again and at least clean some of the mess up there.  Hopefully..

0 thoughts on “A long day scrapbooking

  1. hey, dinna! i have been getting lots of push from my friends to scrapbook knowing of my infamous “memory box” which is already worn out and has suffered many losses during moves to different houses. nevertheless, it is still intact. i initially started making the scrapbook from scratch (natural fibers, corrugated fiber, the works! i’m a Caroll Duvall fan so go figure). I just…stopped. Sigh. good luck in scrapbooking 2005. *btw, loved your hubby for your gift. That’s one thing we have in common by the way. Both our husbands gave us a Motorola phone on our special day. Hahahahahaha! (Jher gave me a Moto C380 on my birthday)*


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