Cold Saturday Morning

Freezing temperature is 32 degrees F and we’re currently at 31 degrees, with our low today being projected to dip down to 14 degrees.  Not good.. if it rains, it will  be snow.  No such forecast today, but the cold is said to be part of the arctic blast.  I guess this means we’re going to be going out in layers again. =(

We really have no plans except to enjoy the long weekend with Angel.  I have more scrapbooking to do (yes, it’s scrapbooking again..LOL), some letters to write, and I hope to work on my attic (finally).  I’m not too sure about the attic, though, because freezing temperatures mean it will feel like a fridge upstairs.

I indulged myself an asparagus omelet this morning.  Alan had a ham, asparagus and cheese omelet with rice.  I try to lighten my breakfast fare to help with my weight loss plan, but I thought it was a weekend anyway so maybe just this once.

Okay, time to clean the tub.. just another one my weekend chores..

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