Feedback on Immortality

I can truly profess I love life.. so death, to me, is a far-off event I’d rather not dwell upon.  I wouldn’t want to live forever, though.. perhaps it’s our mindset at the present time that defines a lifetime as beginning at birth and ending at death.  The concept of HIGHLANDER is nice to watch on television for pure entertainment, but isn’t that a creepy thought to think that might be real?  (I guess it wouldn’t be so bad if they all looked like Adrian Paul..LOL)

Lani wrote: Nothing in this life is permanent except change.

Our family is the source of our strength and inspiration. You’re right! When we leave this world, our children are the mirrors of ourselves.

God bless.

And from Tintin:  hi dinna! i read somewhere that there are three things we can do to be immortalized…write a book, plant a tree, and have kids. i haven’t done the first two, but i have two kids now…so i guess a part of me will always live on. 🙂

So true, so true.. so I guess as I said I have found my badge of immortality in this boy wonder who now has a few steps added to his dance moves.  He’s all agog in the house with his other Lola now living with us, and his brother staying for the winter break.  =) 

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