Strength built upon Family

Thanks, Lani, for dropping by:

Sometimes we always struggle against aspects of life that are largely beyond our control. No amount of comforting/hurting words, or clenching of our fists makes the least bit of difference. In fact, it only makes things complicated.

The calmer we become, the easier our life will be. As long as you’re at peace and happy with your immediate family, iyon ang mahalaga at di ang iba pa.

Talaga sigurong dumaraan sa ganyan ang pamilya. Kakalungkot lang pero kasama sa buhay.

Take care and God bless.

You are so right about the constant struggle against things beyond our control.  After all, we are only human and there are too many forces moving around us as we live each day.  Calm provides great solace because it is in the quiet that we hear our voice clearest.

In spite of this family crisis, we find strength in being a family, more so now that we have less to count as part of it.  It seems we have learned to stick together better and stand up for each other in this time of crisis.

Salamat ulit.. God bless..