Feedback on the Constancy of Family

From Jerome:

My family and I are in a consistent state of financial difficulty and when money is involved, things get real ugly. I even have a “hate-mom” and a “hate-sister” period. (we’re only three in the family, by the way). Three strong, opinionated and independent individuals who discuss family matters often have a catastrophic outcome…but I guess what has gotten us through is we embrace the fact that no matter how many moments we have where we dislike each other, we are still each other’s family. By that alone, no verbal apologies needed. It is just the expression of love coupled with the thought that we cannot really fully count on anyone more than each other.

and then from Tintin:

hi dinna. what a touching post! and so true! i’m also the eldest in a brood of three, and my siblings and i are very close. when my mom had a stroke, it was our bond that kept each one of us strong. we know that we can always count on each other, no matter what happens. siblings are God’s gifts to us. i don’t know what i would do if i didn’t have them.

I think what sets family apart from friends is the fact that we can be at our worst and we will never lose them.  Could that be the upside of not being able to choose the members of the family you are born into?  I think it’s all part of God’s big design.  Who are we to question it?  Instead, I thank Him for that blessing because not everyone is lucky like we are to have the families we keep leaning onto.

It isn’t true for everyone, though, so we must count our blessings indeed.  (I can hear Jayred saying Amen to that..=)  I am taking you up on that offer for prayers, my dear friend.. I have a whole story behind that by itself.)

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