Watching from the sidelines

Inside PCIJ provides a very good discussion board on the State of Emergency declared by GMA.  Worth reading if you have the time.

Dong Puno’s latest article in THE PHILIPPINE STAR also provides some sound illustrations and leaves one to judge.

I’m still in the thick of reading, so I’m not prepared with a response just yet, except to say that the exercise of emergency power, whether warranted or not, is always an act of desperation.  And desperate people tend to have questionable judgment.  While practically everyone wants to leave the Philippines and move to the US (which I understand but disagree with), life isn’t necessarily any better here if you look at the big picture.  You earn in dollars, you spend in dollars.  Living the so-called American Dream has it’s price.  But we’re straying from the issues at hand.

Power can be intoxicating.  And the drunk are never trustworthy.  I just wonder if the Filipino people can wait for GMA and her people to sober up.

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