Snowy Thursday

We started the day with a slight drizzle which soon turned to snowfall.  And yet the worst is yet to come according to our weather forecasters.  I can’t believe it’s snowing days before Spring officially begins!  Hand it to Mother Nature to be ever so fickle.

I just finished skimming through the articles in Philippine Star and I’ve tried to get moving on my scrapbook for Mom.  The actual picture prints should arrive tomorrow (hopefully) and I’m going to get more page protectors to put into the scrapbook this weekend.  I should be ready by March 9, Mom’s birthday, but I already know it’s going to be a work in progress when I hand it to her.

I’m just so excited to see her reaction when she opens that gift from Angel and me.

Meanwhile I’m trying to figure out what I’m going to do for the first Meatless Friday we’re having tomorrow.  Ash Wednesday was a breeze because I had squid which I cooked into ADOBONG PUSIT SA SAGING and then a whole striped bass which I steamed on my stovetop.  I have some mussels I can work with tomorrow, but that leaves me one meal short. =(  So I made a quick trip to Better Homes & Gardens online where I did a recipe search by main ingredient and I managed to pull up 2-3 recipes.  One of my favorite crab cakes recipes is also there which I printed out for reference, so I just need to get enough crabs to pull it off.

Okay, time to turn in.  Have to get going before I end up having to rush home again.