Feedback on Crabcakes

Here’s a suggestion I just might try from our New Yorker food blogger, Ces:

hi dinna..
if you can’t find enough crab meat for the can substitute with canned salmon..bumble bee is what i used..tastes great too!:)

I found my can of crabcakes and I got another one so we should be covered, but I think I will try doing salmon fish cakes next time.  We are truly so fortunate that salmon is so abundant and far more affordable here than back in Manila.  My mom and I love having Sinigang na ulo ng salmon which is so delicious.  And very cheap, too!  Salmon Head at Hong Kong Supermarket in Flushing is only 99 cents a lb and a head is usually a pound heavy only!

Right now Mom and I are trying to figure out if we can bring a few salmon heads home — but the question is if it can survive the long trip home without dry ice or what not.  I have a few styrofoam coolers courtesy of Omaha Steaks and Tender Fillet which ship their gourmet beef cuts in these sturdy styro coolers — one of the important items on my “To do” list — find out how I can bring home some salmon heads.  Strange pasalubong but with salmon such an expensive commodity back home, worth the try.

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