God is in the Little Things..

Anna wrote: 

God is in the little things . i used to pray and ask Him to give me what i want, and i know that this is the stubborn me praying, it is only when i surrender everything to Him that i get what makes me happy. i have been through a lot, and everyday my life is a constant uphill struggle, but with my God on my side, i know i’ll be able to make it.

I so agree with you, Anna.  Again, not to over-simplify, but we always look for God’s presence in terms of big and earth-moving experiences.  As Tintin had said, sometimes he talks to us in funny ways.  We just have to be open to what He says and accepting of His will.

It’s NOT easy.  Sometimes in our daily struggle, we tend to blame our travails on the all-power One who can take the burden off our shoulders.  We forget that story of the Footprints in the Sand, and we don’t realize that God is carrying the heavier burden — not just ours but the world’s.

So this morning I talked with Him again and asked Him to help the 2 other moms in our house.. my Mom who celebrates her birthday on Thursday, and Alan’s Mom who is “healing” both emotionally and physically.  Others would say we must be pretty crowded — I don’t think of it in those terms.  We’re overflowing with love in the house — and love is something you can never really get too much of.  While there are adjustments to be made, I try to see only the positive side. 

God had a different way of making all that happen — there was so much pain along the way, but in healing, he made us rediscover our true family. 

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