Spaced Out

I sat on the bus this morning sort of all spaced out.  I found myself sinking into a deep depression that almost saw me crying.  I didn’t even pull out my face compact until it was almost the last stop, and only because I suddenly remembered I had not painted my face yet.

The morning wasn’t bad at all — Mom was so touched when I handed her the bouquet of flowers I had left on the stairwell landing so she did not see me bring it home last night.  She loved the scrapbook (and yes, I will take pictures of the layouts when I spruce it up later on).. and she seemed happy.  She doesn’t even know that I am coming home early later to bring dinner from the Filipino store.

It’s just one of those days, I guess.  Sometimes the bigger issues at hand make us forget the nagging thoughts in our mind.  Can’t be PMS — I just finished the cycle.  I’d run to Saisaki for an eat-all-you-can binge on my favorite comfort food: sashimi if I could… =)  Boy, just thinking about doing that when I go home end April put a smile on my face.

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