I’ve had my blog post window open all day but I’ve been doing too many things to get anything done.  So finally I’m here and I can’t believe it’s almost 4PM.  I will actually start cleaning up soon but didn’t want to leave without a post here. 

I took a phone camera pic of my tres leche cake last night but my carrier is giving me a hard time uploading it via e-mail.  (I think it’s because I’m using an unlocked phone which didn’t come with all the presets of Cingular Wireless.)  I called the helpdesk earlier and they patiently waited for me to figure out where the adjustments were supposed to be made and then gave me all the variables, passwords, DSN and all — I should have it down pat but I haven’t been successful still.

Dinner was quiet yet festive — we celebrated Mom’s birthday with so much food we will be having leftovers until tomorrow.  (Lunch will be barbecue fried rice because no one is touching the barbecue today since it’s a Lenten Friday.)  The cake, however, is gone.  Any slice left over will be gone by the time I get to it! LOL  Pancit Palabok, pork barbecue, lumpiang sariwa, kare-kare.  Of course, it’s not like the food back home but hey, it’s as close as you can get from New York!

I have several posts I’m mulling about in my head but I have yet to carve out a time to sit down and blog this weekend.  How I envy Jerome who has the patience and resourcefulness to blog despite his jetsetting life back home!  (Maghanap ba daw ng internet cafe at nagpost pa!) 

I am gearing up for a full weekend, what with friends visiting this Sunday (and this time I know I’m cooking so I have no excuse not to lay out a full meal), hopefully finally getting the bunk beds for the grandmas (which means I have to start seriously moving stuff in the attic), and we’re hoping to get all of my mother-in-law’s things from the other house (which again means seriously moving stuff in the attic to make room.)

I also need to seriously search for my 1GB USB Drive which might’ve fallen from my laptop bag somewhere out there (which I hope not because it has so many pictures I haven’t archived into CDs yet!) — or which might be tucked somewhere on the desk in our room.

But I will find time to blog about one of my bestfriends, Jonathan, the Filipino stores here in New York (thanks to the idea sparked by Jayred’s comment on the absence of Filipino stores over in Switzerland), and resume my list of Things I want to do when I go home this April.  (I feel bad that I only have 4 items listed so far and I’m just over a month away from stepping on Filipino soil again!)

Okay, time to print out Mom’s daily edition of Philippine Star Online.  Have a great weekend everyone!