It’s been a productive Saturday.  We finally got the bunk bed for the grandmas and Alan and I managed to assemble it by their bedtime although it wasn’t as effortless as Ikea had always been for us.  One of our old family friends accompanied Alan with a minivan and helped to bring up the two bulky boxes.

When we finally finished we were both tired but proud of having seen it to the end.  The grandmas are sleeping in the room.

I then went up to the attic and started moving stuff.  Alan was so surprised to see so much room upstairs after I had cleared the clutter by the opening.  I cleaned the extra mattress which we will put on top of the bunkbed, vacuuming it and freshening the fabric.  Tomorrow we bring it down and fix it up on the top frame.

We managed to do our groceries today and should be good for most of the week.  We took a trip to the Asian store and then our regular grocery..  Mom’s helping me cook some crispy pata and I’m making some ginisang sotanghon.  I experimented with my version of Negamaki and it turned out pretty well the first time, I have even thought of a few tweaks to even make it better.

Alan and I stay up late these days to watch the initial episodes of LOST.  We’re almost halfway through the first season and will catch up with the current show in time.

Busy, busy Saturday..