Half past midnight Monday morning

I used to go back and forth about calling anything after midnight late at night or early in the morning — it’s one of those things that fall under the same category as seeing the glass half empty or half full. 

We had a very long day today with some unexpected guests visiting (Alan’s) Mom besides the friends we were expecting for lunch.

Thanks to (my) Mom, we served some crispy pata and I pulled off my Negamaki just perfectly with a new gourmet teriyaka sauce from Kikomann.  (Free advertising again! LOL)  But the biggest highlight of our day was finally getting my mother-in-law’s things from the other house.

Yesterday we found her scribbling intently in the dining room.  I thought she might be rewriting her will or plotting new instructions.  It turned out she was making a list of the things she wanted to get specifically — where to find them and which ones she didn’t mind leaving behind.  She specifically asked for the pictures of her grandchildren which were one of the first few things that were delivered to her. 

Although it is sad that she herself seemed intent on making a clean break, it was a relief to see that she was moving on instead of wallowing in her pain.  I know that more often than not she is hit with a huge sense of loss at how things have turned out, but being the strong woman she has always been, she is trying to move on a day at a time.

The two grandmas are settled in their bedroom.  We have a full house but we cannot be happier.  Everything that happened happened for a reason, and we count our blessings rather than our losses.  While we are sifting through the lessons of the past couple of weeks, we derive strength from knowing that we have found our true family intact — and that, to us, is what matters most.

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