[5] Go grocery shopping in Unimart

Things I plan to do in Manila

Our family home is a short drive away from Unimart and the Greenhills Shopping Center.  I practically grew up there.  Whenever we did our grocery shopping, I knew how to go about it systematically because I had memorized the layout of the huge shopping center already. 

The last time I was home, I purposely didn’t go into the grocery for fear that I might end up carting away more than I could carry.  This time, though, I have a grocery list I will need to bring to get supplies for my kitchen, specifically the sauces and food helpers that are just so expensive here in the US compared to how much they are in Manila.  (I’m talking about  Mama Sita’s Sinigang, Kare-kare, tocino, etc.)  There are also several items which I need specifically for Angel (like the Knorr Chicken and Beef sopas) which are not available in the Filipino store here.  Definitely a must before I leave for New York again!

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