Digital Scrapbooking.. I stand corrected

Don’t go laughing at me now but I was of the impression that digital scrapbooking was doing a scrapbook online.  Alas, in the past few days, I have been enlightened.

Digital scrapbooking is assembling a scrapbook with the use of digital art.  Transforming them into print outs for actual albums, or uploading them as actual layouts online.  It seems to be a big business for many scrappers who have converted actual scanned elements/embellishments into dowloadable items you can actually layout using graphic softwares.

I’ve been searching high and low for freebies and I can’t believe how much is available for download.  Even with my chosen layout of 12×12 scrapbooks, I am able to “stitch” together a 12×12 block using 2 sheets of legal sized paper.

I know I have promised to take photos of the existing layouts and I will get down to doing that this weekend.  Meanwhile, some very useful links other than what I had shared previously (EPSON and HP have their own company sponsored activity centers where there is a wealth of resources and layout ideas to browse and download or print) are shown below with a snapshot of their frontpage.  If you want to get into scrapbooking, these are some good areas to look into for layouts, ideas and resources.

Click on the graphic to jump to their pages:


0 thoughts on “Digital Scrapbooking.. I stand corrected

  1. hello i saw your link while searching for digital scrapbooking stuffs!! im into scrapbooking also both traditional and just recently, digital. i hope to know you better as a scrapbooker and as a pinay too. i live in manila and have been scrapbooking for 1 year now. love your blog!hope to hear from you again.


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