[7] Visit Regine's in Shoppesville (if it still there)

There were days when I’d find every excuse to have myself driven to Greenhills to get school supplies, visit Gift Gate, shop for this or that, but I loved the place.  It was a shopping center where I felt truly safe and at home.

One of my favorite stores through the years was Regine’s which occupied a corner in Shoppesville’s level B (second floor).  There was always so much stuff to go around, be it from the fancy pencils, school supplies with different characters, espadrilles back in the days when they were such a hot commodity but not comercially available, tote bags of different shapes and sizes for the school girl, and all those adorable stuffed toys you could find only at their store.

I wonder if they’re still around because I heard that parts of Greenhills closed for renovation through the last three years.  Well if they are, they’re on my list!

0 thoughts on “[7] Visit Regine's in Shoppesville (if it still there)

  1. We went to Greenhills last week at talagang na-shock ako, ibang-iba na siya ngayon. Iyong sa Shoppesville area naging isang mall na, feeling ko nasa Glorietta ako.


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