A conversation between two Pinay New Yorkers

I have to credit the web for connecting me with a fellow Pinay New Yorker here — Ces.  One of the advantages of a blog is the interactive feature wherein you can carry on web conversations with those who read it.

I don’t get to bloghop as much as I would want but I like the little world of blogs I visit whenever I can.  Ces’s blog always makes me hungry.

As a comment to my post on our bunkbed for the grandmas, Ces wrote:

oh dinna! exactly what i was browsing at and looking for! bunkbeds..but only at craigslist! lol! my daughter is asking me to get one since a cousin who lives with us just left for good..so kida have a bigger room now..:)

For the unitiated, Craig’s List is an old fashioned bulletin board started by Craig which is now worldwide.  Rather than talk about it here, I suggest you visit. I have found that very useful and entertaining but go see for yourself.

But to Ces I say go for the IKEA Tromso.  Very sturdy, a little difficult to assemble but it won’t take you forever and a day to do it.  I still it’ll last til your kids are teens, too, and unlike most IKEA furniture which suffers major wear and tear when you assemble it, disassemble and assemble again, the fact that this is a steel assembly guarantees it will be the same after you put it together again.

Also, it’s good value for money considering what we paid for it.  It did help that we already had the mattresses so we only bought the frame.  Do check it out at the Ikea Website.

And I’m so glad to hear uuwi ka din pala!  (..that you are going home, too!)

It has been more than 3 years since I was home last in December 2003.. after this, I am not planning another trip until 2008.. unless I win the lotto in between, that is.  Enjoy your trip home!

0 thoughts on “A conversation between two Pinay New Yorkers

  1. hi dinna..
    about the bunkbed..been eyeing that tromso model for ages! if you say it’s a sturdy item from ikea, then it’s worth the price, huh? i just don’t know how much i will have to pay more for shipping..
    i’m off to manila in 3 weeks! first stop…greenhills!!!!aww, i remember those giftgate and regine’s days!!! my sister said it’s a totally different mall now…i am not getting all excited yet..probbly in a week when i start packing up!:)mag-aabot ba tyo dun?


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