Lost on LOST

Alan and I have been a big fan of J.J. Abram’s work and we have been ALIAS devotees until they began to steer the episodes towards what looked like a curtain call for Jennifer Gardner’s character Sydney Bristow.

I forget now which TV show Alan watches faithfully had bumped head to head with LOST’s first season but we never got to watch it.  So now we’re on our last 4 episodes and we’re waiting for the DVD to arrive c/o Blockbuster.

Just like ALIAS, it’s a show there for pure entertainment.  There are some outlandish plots, etc., but it is truly entertaining and makes you want to watch episode after episode nonstop.  Hopefully by the weekend, we will be able to “catch up” with the current season, now that we have the backgrounder. 

Is the series on in Manila?

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