Crazy, crazy day

Weekends before the boss hits the road again are very crazy days here in the office.  Am I glad he decided to call it a day at 2PM so I’m just tying up loose ends and getting ready for my weekend.

Alan and I had been planning to do a weekend sortie over at Montauk, one of our favorite getaways (something mala-Tagaytay here in New York), but we decided midway through the week to just call it off and spend the weekend with the family.  My stepson is going to spend the weekend with us, too, so it’s a full house again.

Besides, we’re going home to Manila in a month’s time, so we will have enough breaks — I’m getting a 3-week break, he’s getting 2 weeks.  That should be enough time for us to fully recharge.

I’m on pasalubong mode again although one of the main items on my to-do list is to get the balikbayan boxes for the trip home.  Mom has been egging me to get down to that for a while now because we need to start packing soon.  I think I will finally be able to get down to buying them (at $5 each) since I need to pick up our paper tickets from the travel agency (which also sells the boxes).

I’ve been making progress on my scrapbook for Mom a little at a time.  Layouts will definitely post after the weekend.  I would’ve wanted to scan and “stitch” the graphics together, but I think I’ll just take pictures.  I try to spend a half hour or so every night after Angel is already fast asleep next to me, so my project is by the bedside within easy reach.

I need to download/burn CDs of pictures and I still can’t find my 1GB USB key.. I shudder to think that it has been lost, but it’s probably just around here somewhere.  (Come out, come out wherever you are!)