(Supposedly) The First Day of Spring

This is another one of those things about living here in the US. We actually have dates for the beginning of the seasons.  Unpredictable as Mother Nature is, though, she does not always comply.  It’s supposed to be the first day of spring but we are still wearing our thick coats and gloves and caps.  According to Yahoo Weather, it’s currently 32 degrees outside which is actually freezing temperature.  (You can imagine how water in the gutter is actually frozen.)  Our high is predicted at 42 which should be a chilly low on a normal spring day like today.  But the past few days have been nothing spring-like at all, so we’re not stowing our Coats and other winter gear just yet.

So the gradmas haven’t been keen about going out.  Hopefully the weather will improve this coming weekend so we can get some shopping done.  The extended forecast shows some hope of warmer temperatures next week, but there’s a chance of rain.

Can’t wait to feel the sunny heat in Manila..!!  Send me some sunshine please.