Rushing out of here

The day just went by in a flash and I’m rushing out of here.  Just couldn’t bear not to write a post, so here I am.  Soooo many things on my plate, but I’m getting there.

I’ve been meaning to sit down and write in earnest about Raising a Child in this Material World.  (I can hear Madonna singing at the back of my head..)  That thought has been on my mind for two days now, and I just want to be able to speak out on the subject as a parent and as an innocent bystander.  (Of course innocent isn’t exactly the best word to describe me.. hehehe..)

But, I have more pressing matters to attend to for now like what the heck am I cooking for dinner tonight.  I’m fresh out of ideas.. had Adobo Flakes last night (I must post that recipe for all to enjoy!) and I’m not exactly overflowing with ingredient choices at home.  I have shrimp, but maybe I should reserve my seafood offerings for tomorrow.. let me mull about that on the subway.  The 7 train awaits!