Feedback on Highlander

Sandi paid us a visit and wrote:

I am the ultimate Highlander FAN– If tyhere was a way to live forever I would not want to without my Kids and Grand babies- so I will just cherish the times we have together. WHO WANTS TO LIVE FOREVER?????????????

Sandi, I agree with you.. much as the topic of death and our eventual demise is something we don’t want to dwell upon, I cannot think of forever as in a neverending lifetime.  As Alan used to say and still says — we have to grab today and hang on to it as if it were always the last. 

Did you hear about the movie they’re supposedly making?  I can’t wait.  And I want to see Methos (Peter Wingfield).. he’s my crush on the show. =)

It was Shrimp Tempura for dinner

When I got home, I made a decision to do shrimp tempura from a Camaron Rebosado  recipe which I tweaked to use as batter for the Japanese breadcrumbs to cling to.  It was delicious, what can I say?  Now if only I can find the tempura dipping sauce I had done once before which came out so deliciously.  I did use the accompanying tempura dipping sauce mix (i have Mirin in my pantry) but it didn’t taste as good as that last one.

Tonight I hope to do some crab cakes.  I’ve had the ingredients in my cupboard for two weeks now and it’s about time I did it.

Friday.. it’s been such a busy day here at work.  The boss isn’t physically here but we’re on SameTime (the MS chat software) which makes me feel as if he was here in his office all the same.  No, I’m not complaining.. the guy is the best boss I’ve ever had.

The batch website has been getting very positive feedback!  At least my efforts were not for naught.  We have batchmates who are award winning and very talented artists working on the graphics portion, and I did the web design.  (One of them even works for Dreamworks in California.)  We’re all excited about our forthcoming silver jubilee which is still 2 years away but getting closer by the day.. wow.. I’m THAT old. LOL

Yes, Jerome, I will share that Adobo Flakes recipe with you all..