Happiness and Gratitude

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I know I had mulled about starting a gratitude blog, but as always, there are a hundred and one things that have gotten in the way of my doing that.  It hasn’t stopped me from being thankful for the blessings I have received.

Like this Sunday afternoon, I’m thankful for this little tyke who continues to try my patience as he goes exploring about this big world around him — even if he bit off a chunk of my face sponge (the original one that came with the Lancome compact).. because he is a constant source of sunshine in my life..

Happiness is holding him in my arms or watching his chest go up and down as he breathes while fast asleep… it’s feeling his tiny hand holding mine even as he is in dreamland, or as we walk from room to room in our tiny home.

And for that and the other hundred things that make me feel so lucky to be who I am, I am grateful.

Gourmet Sunday

The skies over Bayside are grey.  Yesterday was relatively a sunny day but it was chilly, so when we woke up to a gloomy sky above, we thought it was best to just stay home and chill.

Breakfast was rather plain because I was out of eggs.  Thank God I still had some eggbeaters which was sufficient to make scrambled eggs for Alan and his mom.  My mom and I had oatmeal instead.

I’ve had some cut up ox-tail in the freezer for a while, so by 10AM, just before hitting the grocery, I asked mom to tenderize it.  By 12:30, it was all cooked and ready.  No, it wasn’t for kare-kare.  I’ve had two encounters with ox-tail stew in a different variety I thought I’d try experimenting.

I sauteed a good 1/4 cup of crushed garlic in 2 tablespoons of olive oil and half a stick of butter.  When the garlic started to brown, I threw in 8 ozs of sliced mushrooms which I seasoned with just a few dashes of salt and pepper.  When the mushrooms started to wilt (around 3 minutes), I added 1/4 cup of frozen mixed vegetables.  (I  would’ve added some baby carrots but I was out.)  Before the frozen vegetables could completely thaw, I added a 26 oz can of Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup, but instead of adding an equal amount of water as indicated in the can, I added just a little over half a cup.  When the stew started to boil, I added the ox tail and 2 tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce.  (My choice is Lea & Perrins).  Note:  This recipe will produce enough sauce for a kilo or 2 lbs of ox tail sans the skin.

Alan does not fancy eating ox tail so I sauteed a cut of boneless angus chuck enough to brown the sides, then I cut it into 2×2 slices and tossed them in with the stew.  It was yummy!!!

I just rested a bit in bed but never quite got to napping — and then I was up making some banana nutella crepes.  Even the stepson liked it..!  Shades of memories of Paris.. *SIGH* 

I’m thinking about whether or not I still have the energy to pull another off for dinner.  I have some pork baby back ribs which I just got this morning, or I can ask Alan to get pizza.  I’m inclined to do the ribs, but I have an hour and a half to decide anyway. 




Page Rank Checker

I was checking out my other blog on Motherhood and PinayFrancophile when I remembered my Page rank checker on the latter.  It’s supposed to be a tool to enable web advertisers to gauge the bankability of a website is concerned.  Supposedly, a page rank of 4 makes it commercially viable to make money out of your blog or website.  Mine is registering at a 3, and even here, this is a 3.

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In Search of Spring

It’s minutes to 11 in the evening and Angel is sleeping on the bed.  I haven’t done much on the scrapbook nor the website and I am just posting here.   It’s been a long but productive day.  I started taking pictures of Angel again after a long lull.. and to think I used to take hundred of pics a month!  (Of course I discarded at least 60%, too.)

After accompanying my mother-in-law to have her blood test done down in Flushing, we took Angel and my Mom along for lunch at PF Chang’s at The Source, then we did errands in Target and headed home.

It’s been cold again.. where could Spring be?  It’s now a week late.