[10] Have Bibingka with Quezo de Bola at Via Mare

Back when I was working for a boutique advertising agency whose office was in the Ortigas area, one of my favorite comfort foods was Bibingka with Quezo de Bola from the Via Mare branch in Tektite Towers.  (I wonder if they are still there..)  When I found myself working in Makati, this was a favorite as well whenever we ate at Via Mare in Greenbelt.  Bibingka is bibingka is bibingka I know, but not quite the same as the ones back home.

Feedback on Erap

Reacting to a post I wrote about ERAP’s long drawn trial, Rey wrote:

Parang pagong talaga ang justicve system sa atin… And it’s sad. We can see this in Estrada’s case. Even a former president’s trial has went on 5 years without any sign of a verdict soon. Then I can’t help but think: How much more those guys in the jail pits charged with minor crimes and still not even sentenced yet. some of them already spent 20 years in jail without a sentence…

This is a reality in our justice system that is truly disheartening.  I believe it was in the same article that I referenced that the resulting injustice has been a powerful recruiting tool for those who are fighting against the government as an institution.  I refuse to give up on the system, though.  I know that we are trying.  Even here in the US where they have a very different judicial system, there are still gaps that need filling.

Will he be convicted and then pardoned?  How can you execute him when those who plundered the country in billions of dollars are roaming free and still in power?  Where is the justice there?

Early Start this Monday

I promised myself I’d start my first entry here early today so that I don’t end up rushing through a post minutes before I leave.  Besides, I might leave early today to go to a doctor’s appointment, but I’m going to try and move that in a bit.  (Just a check up.. would you believe I haven’t seen an endocrinologist since I gave birth despite my gestational diabetes?  I know, I know.. my OB-Gyne is going to be on my case again for failing to get on that one.  And I’m seeing her in the next couple of weeks.)

Last night I tried taking photos of my scrapbook layouts but the lighting and the angles were a little tough to get right.  So I’ve resolved to scan them instead but that’s going to have to wait a while.  I’d rather do that when all the embellishments are in since it’s going to be a rather tedious process.  Being that I’m giving the scrapbook to Mom and she’s probably going to end up leaving that in Manila, I certainly have to get the layouts scanned because I’m giving them away.

Another option of course is to actually take a photo of the 2-page spread of 12×12 sheets side by side tacked on a wall — but lighting is going to be tricky.  I’m being finicky, I know, but I want to get this right.  Once Mom has the scrapbook, that’s the last I see of it.

I’ve resolved to devote much of my time this week to making major progress on that project.  The only thing I managed to accomplish over the weekend is revise the first 2 pages which shows a picture of Angel being cleaned up in the birthing room with my Mom holding his tiny hand.  Yes, my Mom held my baby’s hand even before I did — and I’m very happy with that.

Mom is actually very excited to go home and is counting the days.  I’ve been going nuts trying to organize myself as well.  We will start packing this coming weekend and I’m trying to make sure I have everything I need.  I’m pretty much done with all the things I intend to bring, it’s just determining which one’s I’m bringing for a reason, like my wedding gown which needs to be drycleaned — the cost here would’ve been at least $120!

Uwing-uwi na ako talaga.  Jayred is already there, and Ces is going home, too.. hala, uwi na tayo!