Creative Juice Flowing

I spent the whole day doing scrapbook layouts.  There was an important section when we took a day-trip to Montauk on the far end of New York (past the Hamptons – the ultra-sosi getaway of the rich and famous here) which I failed to include and print when I planned the initial layouts.  Even with just two pictures.  There is another trip we took when we brought Mom and Angel to the Pelligrini Vineyards in the North Fork of Long Island which I am busy putting together.

Angel had fallen asleep on the sofa so I started working out on the background paper there last night.  Mom walked past me and had inquired what I was doing, and she brushed it off when I told her it was HER scrapbook.  I know she will keep leafing through this project when she finally gets it.

As excited as I was about the Paris scrapbook, this is more meaningful to me because it is a gift to my Mom.

I had been printing out the backgrounds in 12×12 sheets broken into 2 printed on legal size paper which I had been pasting together to form one solid page.  Since I’ve been downloading scrapbook elements, I decided to stitch together the actual layout online, combining ribbons, different patterns/graphics to come up with one page.  It was rather exhausting because the printable graphics were rather huge in size, and I had to keep going back and forth between printers waiting for the printer to spew out the page.  It was quite a wait as well because despite the fact that we have huge printers with equally huge memories, it took the machines a while to process the data.

I will try and bring some layouts to scan tomorrow.  (Yes, I know, it’s been planned but never done.. who knows?)

Hints of Spring

We’re actually beginning to get spring weather although it’s still a tad cold.  I tried to be brave yesterday and not wear the scarf as I walked out the subway at around 3PM, but after walking a couple of blocks to my Doctor’s office, I had to pull it out of my bag and put it around my neck.  Others were walking around without jackets but I decided to be prudent and not pretend to be okay when I’m not.  Lamigin kasi ako.  (I get cold easily.)

I made it to my endocrinologist (after 2 years) and got handed a meal planner for reference.  (I haven’t even read the Suzanne Sommers book I had Alan buy me.)  With both my parents diabetic and my own brush with gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with Angel, this check up is long overdue.

So I’m supposed to wait a day or two more for my results to come in, then we’ll decide what I’m up against.

On the way home I stopped by the Farmer’s Market on Union Square and picked up a a 2lb bag of apples for just $1.50.  Angel loved them so much when I got home he hardly had any appetite left for dinner.  It was such a joy watching him eat the apple, skin and all..!