Hints of Spring

We’re actually beginning to get spring weather although it’s still a tad cold.  I tried to be brave yesterday and not wear the scarf as I walked out the subway at around 3PM, but after walking a couple of blocks to my Doctor’s office, I had to pull it out of my bag and put it around my neck.  Others were walking around without jackets but I decided to be prudent and not pretend to be okay when I’m not.  Lamigin kasi ako.  (I get cold easily.)

I made it to my endocrinologist (after 2 years) and got handed a meal planner for reference.  (I haven’t even read the Suzanne Sommers book I had Alan buy me.)  With both my parents diabetic and my own brush with gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with Angel, this check up is long overdue.

So I’m supposed to wait a day or two more for my results to come in, then we’ll decide what I’m up against.

On the way home I stopped by the Farmer’s Market on Union Square and picked up a a 2lb bag of apples for just $1.50.  Angel loved them so much when I got home he hardly had any appetite left for dinner.  It was such a joy watching him eat the apple, skin and all..!

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