Feedback from a Blog hopper

I try to bloghop when I have the time but I don’t often have that luxury these days.  So if you noticed, my blogroll hasn’t particularly grown the last few weeks, and I am happy keeping it that way because I can’t even keep up with that limited list.

It is, however, rather delightful to see a comment from someone who strays into my blog.  Here’s one from Leo who wrote:

hi pinay, nice posts! i’m bloghopping and just checking your blogsite. Keep the blogs rolling!

Leo, I’m trying..I’m trying.  Blogging, for the most part, has been very therapeutic for me.  Writing has always been a good release and I find that it keeps the brain cells active, more so these days when the last book I tried reading is gathering dust by my bedside at home.  (I have to finish the book before I leave for Manila!)

I like what you write about, though.. don’t we all dream of hitting it big and becoming successful putting up our own business?  For the entrepreneurs out there, go pay Leo’s blog a visit and you’ll get some good ideas.  Thanks for visiting, Leo.

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