Top 10 of the Philippine Bar Exams

 THE top 10 in the 2005 bar examinations are:

1. Joan De Venecia (University of the Philippines) — 87.2
2. Jomini C. Nazareno (Ateneo de Manila University) — 86.4
3. Sheryl May B.Tanquilut (Ateneo de Manila University) — 85.9
4. Nyerson Dexter Tito Q. Tualla (Manuel L. Quezon University) — 85.4
5. Tamsin Rae N. Lucila (University of the Philippines) — 85.3
6. Gladys V. Gervacio (University of Perpetual Help-Rizal) –85.3</<BR>7. Claudine B. Orocio-Isorena (University of the Philippines) — 85.2
8. Pedro Jose F. Bernardo (Ateneo de Manila University) — 85.5
9. Dexter B. Calizar (Philippine Law School) — 84.7
10. Johnson A.H. Ong (Far Eastern University) — 84.6

*The Ateneans get special mention.. although my pre-law was with UP

So the results were finally released by the Supreme Court yesterday (or today since it is still Friday in Manila as I write this.)  I suppose that the 20% who passed are celebrating and euphoric over hurdling this task, and the 80% are all drowning their sorrows with a vow to try again.  (Unless, that is, they’ve already struck out 5 times in which case that is FIN for them.)

I remember how, in 1995, I refused to go to the Supreme Court grounds and wait it out with everyone else.  I sat at home waiting by the phone for a friend who was already a lawyer working in one of the Court of Appeals offices call to tell me I had passed.  It was a big relief to hear I had hurdled it, knowing how ill-prepared I was to take the Bar Exams in September of 1994.  I had taken a big gamble and the gamble paid off.  I knew for a fact that half my answers were wrong, but I guess the examiners found merit in my English and understood my arguments and gave me credit. 

It is heartening to see some lessesr known schools in the top 10.  They deserve it because everyone knows that a top 10 passer and high passing average means higher enrollment for the coming year.  Little do people know, though, that most — but not all – of the bar placers not in the top 3 (Ateneo, UP and San Beda) are actually kick outs of the top 3 schools who failed to make the Quality Percentile Index (QPI) requirement.  It is no joke trying to maintain one’s standing in any of these schools, but it’s the same rigorous training that allows you to think sharper and hones your mental faculties in preparation for the Bar. 

We have to give credit, though, to those brilliant minds who did not have the means or the opportunity to go to any of the top 3 schools who find their moment in time when they finally take the Bar Exam.

I know of some schools who actually give monetary rewards to Bar placers, as if forever being touted a Bar topnotcher were not enough honor for the examinee.  I remember when I took the Bar, I didn’t even hope to make it to the top 10, but I had a studio photo taken anyway because my bestfriend Jonathan, himself a lawyer by the time I took the Bar, told me libre namang mangarap.  (It doesn’t cost a cent to dream..)  I would so hate to see myself in a mugshot on the front page of a national paper just in case by some twist of fate, I landed in the top 10.  LOL

To those who passed, I am sure it was well-deserved.  To those who didn’t, there’s always next year if the dream is truly in your heart.

9 thoughts on “Top 10 of the Philippine Bar Exams

  1. i didn’t know that you’re a lawyer! hmmm maybe you mentioned it here i just failed to notice. silly. wow you sound really excited to come home! you should be. pinas is still the best despite and inspite of the carnival we’re in. good luck! 🙂


  2. Amino Ateneo! Glad to hear about your bar experience! I’m just glad that mine is over– placing in the exams is just, as a good friend of mine (and no. 3) said, an added bonus!

    Hope all is well po! Ingat, companera!!


    peej b.


  3. hi there! at this moment I am preparing to go 2 the Bar Exams @ DLSU cheering for the University of Cordilleras (formerly BCF) as a freshman law student in that University located of course in the summer capital of the Phils. UC (BCF-College of Law) had produced a bar topnotcher in the person of Janet Abuel, me also was inspired just like u to be in the top 10 in the next 4-5 yrs.LOL.
    visit my site pls. Mabuhay!!


  4. I would like to congratulate the 2006 Bar exmanees’ Good Job. I’m a 3rd year Law Student at MLQU college of Law @ Manuel Luis Quezon University. Member the APO-MLQU-Law-Association Student MU Chapter. We are so excited this year Bar Examination We have Five (5) APO Brothers that are going to the Bar Exam! Yehhhheee! AListon: Alpha Phi Omega-APO-Chapter 2007 BAR Supporter Coordinator!


  5. Rachel Mendoza

    Dexter Tualla is my 4th year law clasmmate at MLQu but it my dicide to quit Law at MLQU hirap kasi very expensive mag aral sa MLQU.


  6. Rachel, the pursuit of law in any school is expensive. It’s just more expensive in some schools than others — in the end, it’s all about how bad you want it! Good luck!


  7. arabella


    the results of the 2006 bar exams will be out soon. i am one of those who took it last september. please pray for all the examinees.

    kindly post it here if you have any tip from an insider when the results will come out. thank you.


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