HTML, PHP, CSS.. going nuts over web design

I have always enjoyed creating web pages and trying my hand at web design.  Although I tried it with Front Page and other web design softwares, I’ve still found it easiest to do actually coding.  So yes, I do my HTML codes by hand and have committed a few simple commands to memory.  When I am baffled, I simply right click on a page and “VIEW SOURCE” to see what language was used to create a particular design I want to do.

I haven’t really had much time to dabble in web design — that’s the reason my own commercial venture into e-commerce is now on haitus.  (Note to self: must really decide what we will do with that..)  However I had the audacity to volunteer for our batch website, being that we are now all agog over our silver jubilee homecoming 2 years from now.

So this morning I thought I’d try and check out a new photo plug in I tried to upload yesterday.  Don’t ask me why but it somehow over rode an index.php file for my survey utility which I then had to reinstall and reconfigure.  (I know, I know.. I should’ve installed the two in separate subdirectories.)  I trashed the photo utility and redid the survey.. so I’m back on track.

Before I get a monumental headache at the end of the day, I’m giving it up to go back to my first love of the moment — my scrapbook.  Half a day gone, and I’m looking forward to a weekend again =).  Here’s hoping there will be scrapbook layouts sometime next week on this site.

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