Inspiration from Bridget

I actually found the time to bloghop this noon and I wandered into one of my favorite blogs and decided to see what was up with Jerome (a.k.a. Bridget) and came across a very inspiring post in his blog entitled “How do you keep the music playing?” .

He answers his question by ending his entry thus: .. “(more importantly), it is consistently discovering a new facet of each other that makes us anticipate each day for us to experience The Moment…which consequently keeps the music playing. (kilig)” 

I have been married almost 6 years now which doesn’t exactly equal that of my longest relationship, but I have always considered the fact that I married this man as the most significant distinction.  And although I always say in jest that I do find myself feeling like I want to strangle him from time to time, nothing is more comforting than actually reaching out across the bed beyond Angel and feeling him sleeping next to us.

We do have our peaks and valleys as he refers to them — and we have had to make a lot of adjustments with the addition of Angel to our family, but we continue to be a couple, nurturing the dynamics of intimacy in such simple activities like going home together at least once a week on the Express Bus where we hold hands and just catch up on each other’s day.  Even something as simple as sitting down in Starbucks by ourselves on a weekend, or sharing a “Gotta Have It” portion of Coldstone one afternoon counts as “couple time” for us.

We’re trying to go out more often although we are far from doing it as much as we used to before Angel came, back when we would go on a date in Manhattan once a week and try out a new restaurant or bar and just spend a romantic evening together.  We talk, we listen, we talk.. and although he would rather I read the book and just tell him what it’s all about, I can talk to him about anything under the sun and I know he would comprehend what I am saying and thinking about without missing a heartbeat. 

Continually being interested in the other leads to discovering new things — and for as long as we are interested, we see value in those little things that others wouldn’t notice or care much about, like innocent scribblings that are true works of art to us.  For me and Alan, it’s enjoying life together that keeps the fire alive. 

He would think nothing of driving to Montauk if I egged him on just so we can see my favorite lighthouse, forget that it’s 2 hours away from where we are.  And I wouldn’t mind watching a movie even if I would rather stay home with Angel, only because he’s such a cinephile and I know that’s a favorite past time for him.  So okay, I’m not going to bop him in the head tonight… he’s taking me out to dinner at a favorite seafood restaurant then what else?  We’re catching a movie!

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