[14] Bring my Constitutional Law I & II Books by Bernas back to NY

My passion in law school was Constitutional Law, and although studying the Philippine Constitution meant studying every version of it through the years, I found the subject matter come alive with every case we studied.  They lacked the drama of Family Law or of Succession, but they were living cases I could relate to.

They were still on the bookshelf in 2002.. I hope they’re still there because I certainly want to take them home with me to New York and put them in my personal library.

[13] Get more of my Connie'es Gourmet Tuyo

It was my sister, Offie, who introduced me to Connie’s Gourmet Tuyo when she visited me in 2001.  So when I went home in 2002, I had them get 8 bottles from the store itself in New Manila.  Now everytime someone from home comes over, I make sure I get at least 4 bottles.  (2 to keep and 2 to give.)  It’s now available in Unimart, so this is definitely on my shopping list.