Forty things I celebrate now that I am 40

When I was 30, 40 seemed so old.  Now that I’ve actually hit this milestone in life, it doesn’t feel all that bad.  On the contrary, it feels fulfilling to find myself crossing this threshold with so many things to celebrate.  Here’s my Top 40 in no particular order:

1) My relationship with my God
2) Motherhood to my almost 2-year-old boy, Angel
3) The family Alan and I have made together
4) The relationship between Alan and me as husband and wife
5) Friends who have been by my side through thick and thin, distance notwithstanding
6) Our good health
7) A loving family who nurtured me to become the person that I am
8) My Mom who continues to provide me wisdom and inspiration
9) Sunshine and the beauty of nature
10) An appreciation for art
11) My love for music
12) My postcard collection (maps, lighthouses, anything Philippines, anything New York)
13) My being a Filipino.. sa isip, puso at gawa
14) A good job that helps me find my niche in the very dynamic corporate world of New York
15) A good boss who appreciates who I am and what I do
16) My talents, no matter how modest they may be
17) The challenges I face which I know can make me a better person if I don’t succumb to being weakened by cowardice
18) My book collection which is growing slowly, but still growing
19) My newfound hobby of preserving memories by creating scrapbooks even if it means working on projects a little at a time
20) My blog which has provided me a channel for my frustration as a writer, and a venue for my endless ramblings
21) The general goodness of man despite the hatred and anger in the hearts of some — I see it everyday be it in the subway, at work, or walking down our street on my way home.
22) The miracles my life has been blessed with through the last 40 years which have all made me a better person
23) My failures which have taught me what mistakes to avoid and humbled me into seeing the real person that I am
24) The inner child in me
25) The tamer, milder person in my heart
26) I can actually cook!
27) I am a nicer and I think, better person now
28) Chocolates, chocolates, chocolates!
29) Love in general
30) My Filipino heritage which I am very proud of (why else do you think do I have PINOY blaring up there on my header?)
31) The healing power of prayer