A digital layout

Background paper from Epson Creative Zone (Project 69) / Picture Edges by Lauren Bavin and available for downloand from Digital Scrapbook Place; Caption tag in blue part of Microsoft Clipart Collection; Main font on left page is Hanshand, font on Right is DanceCrazeBV

I have basically used digital scrapbooking elements for creating bits and pieces of layouts I have assembled manually.  This is basically due to the fact that most of the pictures I have been using are actual picture prints so I have to embellish them manually anyway.  I’ve decided to resort to digital scrapbooking for those pictures that I need to print out in a different size and which I am printing out directly from the computer and here is my first attempt in my first project, Mom’s scrapbook.

The layouts above were what I actually printed.  They have not been embellished yet.  It’s a little tricky because I’m printing 12×12 images on 12×18 pages.  The image obviously doesn’t print on the margin but I intend to paste this layout onto a 12×12 sheet of colored snowflakes.  (Watch out for the next picture..)

I’ve  been printing out 12×12 backgrounds on two sheets of legal sized paper and then pasting them together “seamlessly” which makes it almost invisible and unnoticeable that the single sheet is made up of two sheets pasted together.  More layouts to come!

[18] Go Shoe shopping at my favorites: Via Venetto & Jose

I am a self-confessed shoe person, although I am by no means Imeldific.  I like shoes but I don’t fancy buying them in one style in different colors.  I specifically love Jose’s pointy and high heeled styles which you can wear with pride feeling like a true fashionista.  Very expensive, though, (compared to Shoemart, etc.) but well worth it!  Still cheaper than the more expensive pairs here so definitely will go visit.  (Praying that they have a midnight madness sale one of the weekends I’m home!)

[17] Visit Papemelroti & grab some goodies

Papemelrotti has been a favorite store from my teen years when they had this small space up on the second floor of Manilabank Arcade and a spot in Virra Mall (which I heard has renovated so I’m bracing myself for a big surprise!) 

I was actually briefly thinking about opening an online store selling some of their products here but that fizzled out.  When I went home in 2002, I picked up some of their craft paper notebooks, stationery and postcards (of course!)..

Definitely will visit and grab some again.. (I haven’t even used that notebook I bought..)