Saturday Headache

Angel, as always, woke us up at almost 8AM.  No matter how I resist, I have to either continue to nurse him or get up and feed him his breakfast of Cheerios.  Obviously, the latter is a better option.

We’ve all had breakfast and I’ve downed 2 ALEVEs (my poison of choice.. they had prescribed the Manila equivalent of Naproxen back in the day when I was with that DOH Project because plain headache meds just didn’t help at all..) and I’m trying to ride it out until I feel better.

We’re supposed to pick up our paper tickets and get some balikbayan boxes to start packing our stuff for Manila.  I can’t believe I’m actually gettig on a plane in 1 1/2 weeks!  My Mom is beside herself with excitement and is counting the days until she heads home again.  It’s just comforting to think that she is actually planning her return as her last “tour of duty” with Angel.

It’s raining in NY today.. still, at least it’s the weekend.