That infamous NY Times Editorial

I have an online subscription to the New York Times but I didn’t actually hear about the Editorial piece that came out in its April 5 edition entitled “Dark Days for Philippine Democracry” until I saw the retorts from the Arroyo administration in the Philippine Star.

While I am so tempted to reproduce the article here, being a New Yorker, I am bound by the Terms of Use of the New York Times Online edition and I don’t want to find myself banned or otherwise listed as undesirable in that part of the web.  Besides, I figure it’s seen print a hundred times over in other blogs.

All I could say when I saw it was — an Editorial piece… on the Philippines?  There was nothing earth-shattering or new in what was written.  Being in the Editorial section, it was the Editor’s opinion.  Sadly, I will be the first to admit that much of the observations written down were true and echoed many times over by the opposition and the so-called dissenting pro-administration politicians back home.

Of course the Arroyo administration was quick to rebut and feign nonchallance.  I say “feign” because we all know that it has rattled some cages.  The Media is a very powerful tool if used wisely.  If intimidated or threatened, it can hit back hard, and hit back hard it did.  History has shown that the freedom of speech is one of the most beloved and militantly protected rights of mankind. 

What was it that our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal say?  The pen is mightier than the sword.  And yes, this pen was wielded 10,000 miles away, but it echoes through the 7,100 islands of my homeland.  Let us hope someone pays heed before it’s too late.


Busy and productive weekend

I had my laptop and I had a connection but somehow the chance to post just escaped me altogether.  Between preparing meals for the family and trying to get myself organized for the trip home, I didn’t have much time even if I stayed up to get things done.

It was Palm Sunday and we went to mass.  Unlike in the Philippines where Palm fronds arranged into beautiful palaspas are sold, here in our community, they give the palm out and you can take as much as you want and fashion it accordingly.  I fashioned mine into a simple crucifix which I will hang on our doorway.

[19] Visit Lulu Tan-Gan's store

Even before I left for New York and when I was 2 or 3 sizes bigger, I loved Lulu Tan-Gan’s store because she had knits which were comfy and which were not biased against huge women.  I know for a fact that she had even launched a line for big women specifically.  Definitely picking up some pieces, specially since it’s almost summer here and her knitwear would be perfect indeed!

Counting the days to my flight home

I’ve joined my Mom in her excitedly counting the days to her going home.  I actually board my flight 12 hours earlier and hence, I arrive in Manila 12 hours ahead with Angel as well.  We’re doing a 3-hour stopover in Korea and although I haven’t got the foggiest idea about Korean Telenovelas, I will look and around and see what’s there.

(Annabanana, any recommendations on what I should pick up at the Airport?)  Postcards, of course, to add to my collection.  Alan will take care of the magnet for his collection.  I wonder if they have Starbucks at the airport, too?  (Anna?)

Over the weekend we got the balikbayan boxes although I now doubt that we will use all 4 that I bought.  We have enough suitcases to go around, and I might end up using only 2 of those.  Mom and I sorted through the clothes that we had set aside for distribution to her kababayans in the poor town of Barangay San Vicente in Bulan, Sorsogon.  My own pasalubongs will only be one box.  There are at least 2 boxes (if not more) of clothes that we had sorted from our own wardrobe: those out of season, out of style, outgrown by my stepson and Angel.. There is roughly a whole box of children’s clothes alone!

Meanwhile, I’ve started setting aside my own things that I intend to bring like my filofax, a handy addressbook, the clothes that I intend to wear, my wedding gown which I need dry-cleaned and properly boxed (costs at least $125 to have that done here!), my make up, handbags, important lists, etc.  During the week I’m shopping for the meds and other neccessities for Angel, although I already have half of that stashed away.  (Hydrocortisone 1%, an epi-pen (for allergy rashes), his extra nailcutter, the digital thermometer with extra caps, his toothbrush and special toothpaste.)  I also need to get our baon on the plane together because I don’t want to take the chance that he will go hungry during the flight.  (2 bananas please.)

We need to start packing tonight, and I am getting a weighing scale to help us estimate the things we are bringing.  Mom has 8 towels she bought to give as pasalubongs so that should be sufficient to stuff into boxes as padding.  Besides, with a total of 5 people going home, that’s 10 pcs of luggage at 70 lbs each.  (But an OREO pack is 1 lb 2 ozs. already.. hmmmm.)  And I want to bring home fresh peaches.. another hmmmmmm…

My Dad still has no idea I’m coming and that just adds to the excitement.  He and I were just talking yesterday about what he wants my Mom to bring home to him… he doesn’t know I’m even arriving ahead of Mom.. Hahaha!  Can’t wait, can’t wait!