[21] Get my friend, Tats, that small pocket sized Vick's Vaporub

I asked my friend Tats what she wants me to bring her when I get back — was I taken aback when she said the smallest Vick’s Vaporub.  We do have that here but of course, it’s so expensive compared to the ones in Manila, and they’re in bulky, bigger sizes.  American size, of course.  LOL

Subway Stories

The Subway system of New York is how everyone gets around in the city.  Driving is only for those who have the luxury of time, and here in New York, everyone’s in a hurry.  So no, it’s not that New Yorkers are rude.  It’s just that we are used to a faster pace of life.  We walk briskly and breeze nonchallantly by — but here you will here “How are you doing?” as everyone’s standard “Hi..”

There are many interesting stories I see everyday while I ride on the subway.  I’ve been meaning to start a new category and chronicle anecdotes and obervations here, but I keep forgetting to do it because of the hundred and one things I want to immortalize in cyberspace (like getting my gourmet tuyo, etc.)  Finally, it’s here.  See you on the 7 train, or the QM1A Express Bus to Glen Oaks.