Subway Stories: Lady by the Door

Picture taken April 17, 2006

I take the 7 Train from the Flushing tip of the trip every morning, and while I usually wait for the Express Train that empties into the station so I can (literally) grab a seat, there are days when I don’t have the luxury of time and I just hop onto the train even if it means standing up all throughout the trip.

Monday was one of those days — and I positioned myself at the end of the cabin, leaning against the conductor’s door.  It helps to be leaning against something instead of hanging on to the railing while negotiating the trip to Queens Plaza North.

I was busy playing Tetris on my phone but I saw this young lady looking so forlorn on a Monday morning, staring dreamily into nothingness.. I wonder what she was thinking about on that bright Monday morning.. it seemed to me then that the sunshine was lost on her.