My 4 Balikbayan Boxes

My knapsack is bursting at the seams and with the laptop and every other thing in it weighs a ton. I packed practically all of Angel’s clothes in his overnight baby bag. I watched with bated breath as my four balikbayan boxes were weighed at check-in even if we had weighed each box carefully, making sure not to exceed the maximum weight of 70 lbs per checked in luggage.

Right now I’m all excited to open those same boxes once I get home. I felt rather frustrated that I couldn’t bring everything I wanted to bring my wedding gown to have it dry cleaned and boxed for storage, some suits that I wanted copied and then dry cleaned, several shoes I wanted re-soled, etc., etc.

And what tops the list is that the scrapbook I had worked so hard on to finish in time to share with everyone back home was one of the items we decided to just ship or send next time. Well, at least I’m going home. That makes up for all that I failed to bring with me.

In Seoul on a Layover

I’m here in Annabanana’s part of the world during an almost 4 hour layover before I get on the final leg of this sojourn home. (I would’ve actually tried to touch base with Anna but I landed at 4AM.)

The sprawling airport is immaculate and spotless – claiming to be the World’s Best Service Airport. Since the airport is practically dead at this hour, I won’t have much of a chance to find out how true that is. So far so good.  Of course I figured something this modern should be wired for wi-fi, and true enough, even if I hit 2 pay-per-use wireless networks, I found one that actually allowed me free access to the world wide web.

I’ve survived the first 16 hours of this trip (make that 1 ½ hours waiting to board board and 14 ½ hours on board Korean Airlines not without any challenges. What was I thinking bringing along a book to read? My 2-year-old pretty much kept me preoccupied those moments I could’ve spent reading, and even during those moments when I wish I were sleeping instead. He got his naps and his sleep – he charmed everyone on the plane and managed to walk away with a super truck miniature and all the bananas he wanted. But he kept me on my toes and continues to keep me on guard even as we’ve sequestered a quiet area here in the boarding gate for the trip to Manila.

The Seoul sky is turning a lighter shade of blue with each passing minute. I get to see this sunrise at least. We board before 8AM, and I’m sure the sun would be up by then.  I actually have no idea what time it is but it’s freezing in Korea.  I thought I would get a chance to change Angel to some Manila-friendly clothes, but I will have to wait until we get there.

I am really excited to breathe Manila’s polluted air again.  =)  I can’t wait to see the look on my Dad’s face when we see them.  (So forget that I haven’t had any real sleep in over 24 hours now..)

Iba pa rin talaga ang Manila.  I forgot Dad’s cheese in the crisper, Angel’s Gerber, and one or two other things, no thanks to the fact that I was packing my handcarry luggage on the 11th hour.  But I’m here, on my way home.. it’s been too long..