My 4 Balikbayan Boxes

My knapsack is bursting at the seams and with the laptop and every other thing in it weighs a ton. I packed practically all of Angel’s clothes in his overnight baby bag. I watched with bated breath as my four balikbayan boxes were weighed at check-in even if we had weighed each box carefully, making sure not to exceed the maximum weight of 70 lbs per checked in luggage.

Right now I’m all excited to open those same boxes once I get home. I felt rather frustrated that I couldn’t bring everything I wanted to bring my wedding gown to have it dry cleaned and boxed for storage, some suits that I wanted copied and then dry cleaned, several shoes I wanted re-soled, etc., etc.

And what tops the list is that the scrapbook I had worked so hard on to finish in time to share with everyone back home was one of the items we decided to just ship or send next time. Well, at least I’m going home. That makes up for all that I failed to bring with me.

0 thoughts on “My 4 Balikbayan Boxes

  1. Wow, four balikbayan boxes! That’s great, Dinna. Enjoy your Philippine vacation to the hilt!

    Breathe in all the polluted air you can get while there, hehe. 🙂


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